Wear the Cycling Jerseys Promoting Awareness for Wildlife

baby chipmunk

Baby Chipmunks and Other Four-Legged Details… It was an ordinary Rocky Mountain summer day.  I was en route to Boulder down the Canyon, a road still rich with wildlife.  Intrinsically aware, the habit of a lifetime, of chipmunks and stellar jays, marmots and fox and black bear, traveling about the business of their lives, leaving me to mine… And then, it happens.  In a split second, a baby chipmunk wanders onto the pavement.  The opposite lane.  I see him, nervous, tail skyward, dancing, side-to-side.  He made a mistake:  crossed into territory that little rodent brain had no ability to know, … Continue reading

The simple mind, a coyote

coyote leaping

The simple mind, a coyote I am the hunter, The survivor of all, Of your building, destroying, I am watching it fall, I am fur-bearing, a game species so-called, But it is after 8 hours, Chasing prairie dogs, I feel I must rest. Until the next moment arrives, When distant movement pricks my ears, And so now fears give way, To the hunger stealing years, I step onto surface, So strange to my paws, Some hardness, ungiving, Loud sounds – applause? Speedy forms race past me now – I am confused – must I wait? I am trying to cross … Continue reading

A Magnificent Rescue, No Matter the Towing Charges


It was straight out of Bambi.  A fawn, lost and looking for his mother.  They had gotten separated — by the pavement on Boulder Canyon.  And it was Victor who came to his rescue. Driving down on my way to Boulder, I came across his path, standing alongside a Colorado State Trooper.  Waving me down, I pulled off and asked, What happened?  Is all okay? “A fawn,” he explained.  “Ran across my CR-V.  I pulled off the Canyon, ran into the trees and tried to find its mother.  I haven’t seen the mother around, anywhere — the fawn has been … Continue reading

We All Need to Be Seen: So Does Wildlife.

We All Need to be Seen.   So Does Wildlife.

What is it you do?, I queried.  Not what you put up on your website, but really, How would you define that which is most important to your work? He looked confused.  What is it you do?, He responded, ignoring my question. Me?, I answered immediately — It’s simple — I want to save animals.  And I created cycling jerseys to do the work.   To help them become more seen, more popular, through their presence — carried on the backs of cyclists.   With messaging — to help their voices become more heard. Animal lover Coetze once said, Animals have only … Continue reading

Impossible! It can’t be done! Roadkill is How it is!

I stared at him, my 79-year old friend.  A voice of reason, my reality check?  A voice of opposition?  Or a voice from the generation raised with industrial development? I knew his heart and mind had grown weary from the battle — to get people to slow down in his own small mountain community — to stop running over dogs and fox frequenting the environment in which he lived.  I knew he was giving up.  I could empathize. But did I have to agree?  Certainly not.  I know “roadkill” is a byproduct our industrially-developed culture, the one that envisioned roadways … Continue reading